Share Your #kindness Stories

With the 2020 Olympic Games wrapping up we couldn’t help but notice the amazing sportsmanship being shown the last few weeks. Athletes rallying behind athletes and countries hugging and congratulating other countries. These are the best athletes in the world at their respective sports with their ultimate goal being to win a gold medal. But another goal many athletes wanted to achieve was to plow through adversity, build relationships and make everlasting memories.

We absolutely want every athlete at Woodside to walk away with a gold medal. To understand it’s more important to walk away with more character, friends and memories than you had when you walked in with has to be a priority.

Woodside wants to hear from you! Share with us your own photos or stories from your season of sportsmanship or kindness by checking us out on Facebook or Instagram (Link). Starting very soon we will be rewarding sportsmanship at our events and placing teams on a plaque at each complex who show great sportsmanship, character or kindness at a Woodside event. Your stories will be a great start!